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tailor suitThe founders of LandlordGopher set out to create a company that meets its client’s needs perfectly. The only way to do such a thing is to “tailor make” the service. Why? Because every investor, property, tenant, city, county, etc.  is different with different needs. 

When someone purchases an untailored garment, usually to tailor it means cutting away unneeded material. With one garment this may not seem like much, but with 10 garments you would have created enough waste material to create an 11th garment. This is how investors have purchased property management services or maintenance companies to assist them for years. Month after month paying for access to all the company has to offer, and never using most of it. Then why pay for it? With our concierge service, you pay only for what you need as you go. No hassle. No waste.

scissors-300x173With our experience, we have been involved with every aspect of various real estate transactions from start to finish. We understand what YOU desire from a service provider because we too are investors. We further understand what is needed to accomplish task because we are more than “hired help” or “additional hands” as many companies you will find to assist you with your portfolio are beneath it all. What we are in fact, is a group of seasoned business professionals who properly outline task, execute, follow through, and follow up. 

We’ve found after years of analyzing the business of real estate investing  is, regardless of the age of the investor, age of the investment, whether an investor is part-time or full time, the market the investor chooses to invest in, the current economy, or how long the investor has in fact been an investor, one this is certain… this business is not a business anyone can do completely alone. Investors need a team of professionals and service providers to make it all work, not only protect their assets, but to position them to be as profitable as possible. And profit can be found one of two ways, one to charge more for your rental, or two to find ways to shave the cost of your expenses.

Let us show you how much you could shave off your bottom line annually by going with Landlord Gopher!

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