Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I use Landlord Gopher over a property management company?

A: Landlord Gopher provides all of the same services a property manager would AND MORE! The founders of Landlord Gophers are active Realtors, Investors & Real Estate Attorneys and Ex-Property Managers who understand this business better than anyone and what your needs are. We increase your ROI with our flat rate monthly fee (not a percentage of your revenue), Ala Carte pricing on all other services, and discounts from our other business lines…

* Real Estate Legal advice & representation, documentation creation & review, and wealth counsel.

* Real Estate services via our “In House” broker.

* Insurance for your Property & Business.

Q: Will you ever offer services NOT listed on your services page?

A: Yes. Members submit service request via the Landlord portal. There you can request any number of services and make special request. You will get a follow up notification usually within 1 business day informing you of time frame and invoice. The Gopher is your true concierge service.

Q: How will I receive the rental income from my tenants?

A: Landlord Gopher does does not force your rental income through our company like most property managers will. That method could take days and up to 1 week for you to receive your rental income. Your tenants pay you directly to your PO Box, wire transfer or PayPal etc.

 If for any reason your rent is not received on the date due, use Landlord Gopher’s fast & easy tenant relay to call or message your tenant. Gopher will also send notices, or even file eviction papers with the local court for you with the click of the mouse.

Q: Will Landlord Gopher use contractors I have an existing relationship with?

A: Yes. We only require that you provide their company and contact info so that we can enter them in our system and list them as your preferred vendor. The Gopher will use your contractor as default, and dispatch other service providers (with your notice and written permission) only if your contractor can not take the job.

Q: What if I decide to sell my property? Am I locked into a contract?

A: Agreements are terminated once the property is sold and ownership changes hands. You are eligible to  receive discounted listing fees by listing your property with a Landlord Gopher preferred Broker.

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