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About Landlord Gopher

The creator’s of Landlord Gopher have been in Residential Property Management since 2001 and have managed thousands of units in the Baltimore, Maryland & DMV area. In 2015 we decided we could build a better way to do Property Management. We spoke with dozens of our customers and asked what they would like in “the ideal” Property Management Company… the responses we received were both interesting and made great sense. We then abandoned the “10% fee model” and started a flat rate fee structure and more. 
We are a collection of investors ourselves and well trained Property Managers prepared to handle any issue that may arise with your property or portfolio. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the region and it is our founder’s desire that no matter how large we grow, that each customer knows and feels we hold their tenants and property in the highest regard. At Landlord Gopher you ARE NOT just another client, and this doesn’t change if you have 1 property under contract or 100. Try us out and discover for yourself why Angie’s List has ranked Landlord Gopher #1 since 2017!
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Flat Rate Pricing...
No 10% fee!!!

Ever ask yourself, why do Property Managers charge 10% of my rent as their fee? Better yet, you ever ask them? I can almost assure you they won’t have an answer that makes much sense.

At Landlord Gopher our philosophy is simple, we perform a service, and that service is the same regardless what neighborhood or county your property is located in, if its a single family detached, townhome, or apartment doesn’t matter either… our service is the same, and so is our fee.

Our customers see huge savings monthly with our flat rate pricing… with a portfolio of homes… or just one. And you will too. Why pay more?

Great Pricing... Even Better Service

We’ve heard from new customers that while comparison shopping for a Property Manager, they asked others about flat rate pricing. In which they were told, “well…you get what you pay for” sarcastically to imply lower fees equate to subpar service. This is far from the truth!!!

With Landlord Gopher you pay less and get more! We don’t just proudly say we’re the best, our customers say it for us. Landlord Gopher has won Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2017, making us among the top-ranked for customer service in the region. Sign up today and discover what other landlords already know… with us…you actually get more, for less.

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We Help You Buy & Sell Quickly

Landlord Gopher employs many Maryland Licenced Realtors as our showing agents for your rentals. We often help our customers purchase new investments and add to their portfolio, and sometimes assist them with selling if they wish to cash out on 1 or more units. Whatever your needs, contact us for the best agents in the area to help you buy or sell fast!